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Flip House Done!

Finished another Flip house! This house had all its original fixtures and had passed the point of being livable. It's fun taking the worst house in the neighborhood and making it one of the best. I started by choosing a modern simple style. When flipping you have to keep things neutral so any buyer will like it. The outside of the house was a dark wood color. I had new siding placed on it and painted it white to brighten it up and make it more modern. The interior color I choose was a light grey with white trim. First order of business for the interior was making a open floor plan. These old houses have so many walls and little closed off rooms, I wanted to open up the space and make it possible to see from the kitchen to the living room. Second order of business was updating the staircase. It took a bit of work but making this floating staircase with iron and cable railing really made the place feel more modern. I love a big kitchen so expanded the former kitchen size to make a extra large open kitchen with big island. You can see in the picture I added the waterfall countertop sides to the island. I am loving this look currently. Let me know what you think of the finished product!

Check out the before and afters below:

#fliphouse #interiordesign

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