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Pre/Post Workout Brownies

Hey guys, so I love a healthy diet but let's be real...who doesn't love chocolate! The good thing is it doesn't have to be "unhealthy" to have your chocolate fix. These pre/post workout brownies combine my love of chocolate and the proper nutrients to fuel me up before or after a workout. The boyfriend even loves them. These brownies have a great combo of protein, healthy carbs, fiber and fat. To fuel yourself properly you need this combination of macros nutrients. If you're looking to build lean muscle then you need some carbs. If you cut the carbs too drastically then the protein you consume will be used for energy rather than your muscle growth! After I make these, I slice them up into single portion sizes place in a reusable glass tupperware container and refrigerate so I can have them for snacks all week. Think of these as a homemade power bar.

Ingredients: Protein Brownies:

3 ripe Bananas

4 scoops Protein Powder (chocolate flavor)

2 big spoons Almond butter

1/3 cup Cocao Powder

Shredded coconut

Vanilla extract

Maple Syrup

Coconut oil for Baking Loaf Pan

Mix all together (I used blender) you can use spoon or mixer as well.

Add batter to loaf pan.

Bake at 350 (baking time depends on your pan size)

Let me know how you like them!

XX Jen

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